POST 014 – Getting/Having a Club Residency

Each week, we leave Saturday open for a blog post about some of the things on our mind here at WhiteNoiize. This weeks post is about “Getting/Having a Club Residency” by SJPJ.

Being a resident DJ at one of the larger electronic venues in the country has been an extremely amazing experience and has taught me so much. From playing in front of different kinds of crowds, working with a club staff, getting to meet a ton of new people, sharing my love and passion with the world, and getting to open up for some of the biggest acts in the world has been just amazing to say the least!

So how do you get a residency at a club? Well every place is a little different but these are general guidelines that should help you to get your foot in the door. First off get to know everyone there, so go to the club a few times and mingle with the staff to get an understanding of how the place is owned and operated. After going to the club for a few weeks if not a month and figuring out who does the booking go and introduce yourself to the booking manager or the person in charge of local talent. From there you just speak to them so they know who you are, most importantly try to get to know this person because you want to establish a relationship with them. After you’ve talked to them and gotten to know them for a bit let them know that you are interested in playing there and ask them what it would take in order for you to play there. At some places you need to submit a mix that’s between 30 minutes to an hour, other places you might get a shot right away but it would be an early opening slot. If you get an opening slot make sure to fill the role of an opener and not bang it out, you are there to start the night and trust me you’ll get your chance at being a headliner but start out small and work your way up. In any case be sure to follow up a few days later by saying how you enjoyed meeting them (make it sincere, there are plenty of insincere and snaky people so don’t be that person) and ask them if they had a chance to listen to the mix. A lot of the times these guys are very busy and just forget, it’s not an offense to you it’s just a lot is going on for them. As long as you have been respectful throughout this process and you have the skill things will work out in your favor.

Once you get your shot, as stated above, play your role and ease people into a night. It’s not the easiest skill but it will make you a much better dj for it and you’ll get more shots because of it. You want to be consistent, I in the first 4 or 5 months of playing my first gig at the venue didn’t turn down a slot. I would play if it was to an empty room or in front of a bunch of people. The experience is more invaluable than anything else and as you get better, and they start trusting you more you’ll get bigger shows.

If you guys ever have any questions on what to do in order to break in somewhere feel free to connect with me on Facebook and as always thanks for tuning in to the Whitenoiize Collective!

~Said (SJPJ


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