POST 020 – Week 5 AF

Week Five at WhiteNoiize! It’s been a great journey so far and we can’t be more thankful for the support. We are still building our members, but we wanted to take a few weeks to focus on some of the amazing works you guys have created. This starts our first week of guest artists! This week we are featuring Ohio artists Joseph Crawford!

I’ve been an Ohio native all my life. I was born in Lima and then moved to Napoleon when I was 12. I found my passion to create dance music when I was first introduced to the scene in 2014 by my good friend Jeremy. He taught me how to DJ and gave me the inspiration I needed to then go on and create the music itself. I attended a one month bootcamp entitled Cosmic Academy. You may recognize the name Zack Edward. He was one of my teachers and none the less, a good friend. Music has always followed me everywhere I go. I always wore headphones growing up as a kid, so I quickly became associated with the idea of beats, bars and phrases. This talent I started to acquire led me to produce one of my favorite singles, Atrium. I have many projects lined up for the coming years, including a dance music label and merchandising company. I’ve had many ups and downs in my life, but dance music has fueled my passion to build my empire.

Twitter: @DjJoseph_C
Instagram: @thejosephcrawford

WNC-005 Joseph Crawford – “Atrium” COMING WEDNESDAY 3.15.17




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