POST 029 – How to Read a Crowd

 Each week, we leave Saturday open for a blog post about some of the things on our mind here at WhiteNoiize. This weeks post is about “How to Read a Crowd” by  SJPJ.

As a dj you control the experience, what you choose to play and how you choose to play it dictates the flow of a night. A lot of the time we as djs have this pretty set plan of the kind of set and vibe we set out to play for that night. But I’ve found from my personally experience that sometimes things don’t go according to plan. What I mean by that is that the crowd just isn’t into what you’re playing for whatever reason. Doesn’t make you a bad dj or artist by an means but what it does mean is learning how to read a crowd and guage their responsiveness to what you are playing.

The idea of reading a crowd comes down to looking up at them and seeing how they are feeling what you are playing. Simple enough right? Well the easy part is looking up, the next step is understanding how much they really like what you are playing. If you are playing dubstep for example and people aren’t headbanging it might be that the kind of dubstep is not what they are into. So how to fix a crowd not being into what you are playing? This is where experience plays a big role in this but a good way to start practicing this is to change your vibe midway through your set. Now this requires a huge library, you should always be building your library, but that’s a topic for another day.

So after changing it up a few times you’ll figure out what they are into and at that point you’ll be tuned into your audience This takes a ton of practice and a lot of exerimenting but as long as you are working towards it it’ll be second nature. Thanks again guys and best of luck out there!



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