POST 034 – Marshmello x Deadmau5 feature on WhiteNoiize!


It’s finally happened! WhiteNoiize is finishing off its last week of guest artists with their first mainstream release! Joining together for an unlikely collab is none other than Marshmello and Deadmau5!

MAU5: We know the fans have been divided and our relationship hasn’t been the strongest, but we have patched things up and want to bring our unique blend of music to the fans.

MELLO: *laughs* Absolutely! I have always been about the community and I think it’s important to show how strong we can be together. It’s about mending broken friendships and strengthening each other.

We had originally messaged Marshmello about doing a track for us but had no idea he would surprise us with a collab!

MELLO: I think WhiteNoiize is on the right track bringing together the community and I feel like you guys were the best outlet for this release.

The two will be releasing “Of Mice ‘N’ Mellos” for free download along with a special one-hour B2B guest mix later in the week! Stay tuned for more!



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