POST 040 – Week 9

The train is leaving the station once again. Week 9 at WhiteNoiize will be another Houston Local. This is our last week of guests until we are back to collective members. Get ready for some new music by ALEK GRAHAM!

                Hey everybody! My name is Alek Graham. I’m 19 years old from Houston Texas and I Produce/DJ. I have been producing music very low key for about 2 years now. Just recently have I decided to really focus on my production skills and working on getting it out there for people to hear. Growing up I never really knew what I wanted to do, and in fact i wast even really into music until the 7th grade. I discovered electronic music once I was in highs school and loved the hype and crazy sounds that came from it, though, Im very open to almost all genres of music.

When im producing, I dont like to limit myself to working on just one genre. The way I see it is, limiting yourself only limits your success and how far you can go.  With that said, I dont classify myself as a trap producer, or deep house produce. Instead, I would like to think of myself as an Electronic music producer or even better, just a simple music producer. I’m very grateful to have this opportunity to put my song out with Whitenoize and I hope everyone enjoys it!!!

Be sure to check out all of my socials in order to stay up to date with me and my music!


WNC-009 ALEK GRAHAM – “New Horizons” COMING WEDNESDAY 4.12.17



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