POST 055 – Keeping it Simple

This weeks blog post is by collective member RNZØ.

Yeah, yeah, by now you’ve probably heard this a million times, but it still stands! What’s up fellow producers, RNZØ here taking over for the week here at The Whitenoiize Collective starting with a blog post.

So music is an art, right. As you draw, you try to keep it neat & precise, so when finished, you want to capture your audience attention. Of course, you make it the way you want but you also try not to lose yourself or be overwhelmed by what you create. In other words, keep it simple. Too many elements or different instruments at any moment in the song and you risk overwhelming your listener.
As for myself, I try not to make my songs complex because I would lose my mind trying to find where that one sample went or where is that synth coming from & so on. If you really listen well to my other songs, they really consist of 15, sometimes 10 or less tracks. I don’t want to lose the audience attention when they hear my songs & neither do you when they hear your song, right. So next time you work on a new song,  try applying this method.

“Less is more, keep it simple” is all I’m really trying to say but like I said before, you’ve heard this many times, still I can’t stress this enough.
That is all for my my blog post! Also be sure to be on the lookout for song “Amour” that’ll be releasing here on The Whitenoiize tomorrow!
Till next time. RNZØ

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