POST 060 – “Stage Presence, Keeping the Energy Flowing”

Hey guys, Saylus here bringing you the blog post this week for The Whitenoiize
Collective and I will be keeping is short and sweet talking about stage presence.
“But Saylus, what’s stage presence?” Glad you asked! You see that guy standing on
stage pressing buttons, turning knobs, and screaming, “HEY!” in to the mic every
off beat? Well that’s a “DJ,” and people pay a lot of money to see some of these
guys play. When people go to these shows, they are expecting just that, a show.
Bright lights and loud speakers can only take you so far. This is where stage
presence comes in.

It’s the DJs job to help guide the energy of the crowd both during the high and low points of their set, and besides a train-wrecked transition, there’s nothing more off-putting than a DJ who doesn’t dance to his or her own music. I little movement on stage goes a long way, especially with smaller crowds that just need a little motivation to get out on the floor and dance.

When they see you up there having a good time, they want to get up and have a good time too. And even if they don’t, it’s still more entertaining to watch someone going nuts and dancing around on stage than it is to watch a piece of wood touch the turntables every few seconds. Simply put; keep it
live, keep it lit.


photo by marisa hugonnett


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