POST 061 – WhiteNoiize Week #14

Welcome back!

Thank you everyone for your amazing support so far. It’s crazy to think that we are already 14 weeks deep! For those of you that missed our collective takeover of Stereo Live a few weeks back, we have finally uploaded some pics from the night that can be seen over at our Facebook page.

This week marks the end of our collective releases. Collective member KNØTZ will be dropping another original this week, then we are back to guest artists next week. Stay tuned in for more noiize.

“This track was a fun one for me to make. I tried some new production techniques and worked on expanding on things I already know. Still in my ‘baby’ stages as a producer, I feel like ‘Activation’ marks the start of bigger things. Can only grow from here!”

Connect with The WhiteNoiize Collective
INSTAGRAM: @whitenoiize

Connect with KNØTZ
Soundcloud: @knotzmusic
Snapchat: @knotzmusic
Twitter: @KNOTZmusic
Instagram: @KNOTZmusic

WNC-014 KNØTZ – “Activation” COMING WEDNESDAY 5.17.17




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