POST 072 – Sound Design by XWire

This weeks guest artist XWire brings you this weeks blog post about Sound Design.

As someone who experiments daily with new sounds, I often get asked “how do you make that sound in so-and-so song?!” or “What plugins do you use for your sounds?!”. To be honest, depending on the track you also have to ask yourself, does this sound flow with the dynamic of the song? Is this something that will make the song stand out and be different than the rest of your productions?
I usually use Serum, NI Massive, Gladiator, and NI FM-8 for most of my sounds, and that includes leads, pads, bass, atmospheric sounds, everything really. It’s not about what plugins you use, it’s about how you use them and if you know how to use them. A beginner could have a copy of XFer Serum but if he doesn’t know how to use it, nothing will come out of it.

Something I’ve always told my friends who want to learn sound design: practice.  Start by making a couple of “YOY” sounds, (that’s what I did, and you can hear it in my latest release “Error Code 404” by the way) in which the main bass is actually just a squarified version of a “YOY” sound.

1412935330_3doscEventually you will get the sound you were looking for, even if you don’t get the sound you were trying to make, you end up with some really satisfying results because you get to know your plugins a little more. -Xwire


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