POST 073 – Week #17 at WhiteNoiize

Another day here at WNC!

We are still focusing on some guest artists this week. Coming from Houston, TX, we have a new producer to the scene- Disaiple! This guy was one of the first people to ever help collective member KNØTZ start learning how to produce. A fan of his work for a while, KNØTZ is excited to introduce you guys to Disaiple’s work. Read more below.

Hi, I hope everyone is doing really well! My name is Mark Molina a.k.a “disaiple”. I’m 24 years old and currently live in Houston. I’ve been learning music production off and on since my freshman year in high school. This was also the same time I got hooked on electronic music with my first electronic artist “Aphex Twin”.
Before that I used to take piano lessons as a child. As much as I never really enjoyed those lessons I ended up getting drawn back to the piano to learn a bit more about it as well as music theory.
Although I do consider myself more of an “electronic” artist, I have an equal love for film scores, and enjoy blending elements of the two together. That being said, I don’t feel that I have a particular “style”. I really do whatever I enjoy, whether that’s something slower and more intimate, something just to sit and listen to, or something that’s meant to make you move.

I’m glad I have this opportunity to share something with you through The WhiteNoiize Collective and hope you all enjoy it!

Connect with The WhiteNoiize Collective
INSTAGRAM: @whitenoiize


WNC-017 Disaiple – “Chopin” COMING WEDNESDAY 6.7.17



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