POST 080 – Week #19 at WhiteNoiize

Hey strangers,

We are on our LAST week of guest artists until we are back to rotating Collective members! WhiteNoiize loves being able to showcase the talents of DJ/Producers from all over, and this week we are bringing you a new track by GIO!

I’ve always loved the combination of reggae and dubstep. I wanted to experiment with both genres but still add my own style in the song. The track features a sample vocal by Dorrough Music to fit the trap 808’s and add a bit of swag to the song. I had a lot of fun producing this song, hope you all enjoy 🙂 – GIO

Connect with The WhiteNoiize Collective
INSTAGRAM: @whitenoiize

Connect with GIO
INSTAGRAM: @Mynameisgiomusic

WNC-019 GIO – “Kush City” COMING WEDNESDAY 6.21.17



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