POST 091 – “Don’t Get Discouraged; It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint!”

This week’s Saturday blog post is from collective member Saylus. check out some of his words of wisdom in the post below!

Many people think that they can just pick up a audio workplace program, Many people think that they can just pick up a audio workplace program,download a few samples, and start making cool beats, which they can, but only if they want to sound like someone who isn’t themselves, and that’s not what we want. People get so caught up in expectations that they can lose touch of reality and how producing actually works and what it takes.

There’s more to just producing that making some cool tracks, and it can take a while to establish or even discover who you want to be and more importantly, what you want to sound like. There are so few people that can open a music production program on the first try and make something that sounds professional, and that’s just because all of this takes practice and research. It can be very overwhelming when just starting out because there is so much information to take in, but just sit back, take a deep breath, and do your homework.

Most of the big name producers had been making beats for years before they even got put on the map. Just because they are big and successful now, does notm ean that they have not faced the same struggles as any other producer who is just starting out.B aby steps are required, maximum effort is required, and not giving up IS. REQUIRED. It can be discouraging, but remember why you’re doing it; for the music. If you’re in it for the money,drop production right now and go get a real degree and a real job.

Making music is not a guarantee for money, but it is a guarantee for personal satisfaction if you’re doing it for the right reasons.


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