POST 098 – “Trying” by KNØTZ and DISAIPLE – OUT NOW

KNØTZ: This track is a lot of firsts for me. My first time writing lyrics for a song I’ve produced. My first time collaborating with someone on a track. My first future bass track AND the first track I’ve ever sang on. It’s a song about learning when to let go. Hope this resonates with some of you! ❤

DISAIPLE: First major collab with my buddy KNØTZ, who I taught the basics of producing only two years ago.

It’s something
It’s nothing
I’m just trying to help but you won’t say a word

You’re feeling
You’re hurting
I just wanna be here for you

You’re coming
Then you’re leaving
Why must we move along? As if there’s nothing wrong

I told you
That I miss you
But you don’t say I miss you too.

Was it something I said?
Or just nothing at all
Will you answer these questions
Or just go to sleep again

Because I’m tired of trying
Yet you don’t seem to care
Is my helping you hurting?
Or do you hurt cuz I care

I guess this
Well this is
It’s the end of it all no more catching you fall

My best is
Yeah it’s useless
Guess there’s nothing that I can do

I’m leaving
Truly grieving
I tried to fix the wrongs, but it’s the same old song

I’ll tell you
That I miss you
Now I’m gone hope you miss me too

Hope it’s nothing I’ve said
Seems I won’t know at all
I’m just done with these questions
No need to repeat again

Because I’m so sick of trying
When it’s clear you don’t care
No more helping you hurting
Now I’m no longer there

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