POST 100 – Collaboration Is My Motivation

This week’s Saturday blog post is from collective member KNØTZ. See what he’s got going on!

Hey ladies and germs,

Firstly, if you’re reading this, I want to thank you for taking the time to get over to the WhiteNoiize blog. We post a lot on this page- (We just hit 100 posts!) and not everyone always makes it over here so THANK YOU! I’m writing this blog post to talk a little bit about what I have going on, but more importantly– why collaboration is so important.

There’s the old saying “It takes a village” when it comes to raising a child, but I feel like the same idea can go to just growing as an artist in general. I created my KNOTZ brand almost two years ago. Just a baby to the scene, I started going out and about to different shows around the town. It didn’t take long for me to meet all kinds of amazingly talented people who began to influence my work. Everything from DJ’s, producers, promoters, even the people attending the event all began to shape who I was becoming as an artist. Then, back in February, I decided to partner up with SJPJ to create WhiteNoiize.

WhiteNoiize is supposed to be an outlet for collaboration and community. To showcase the amazing talents all around us and give each other a voice. From the get-go, the community outreach and support of WhiteNoiize has been nothing but amazing. Every month it seems to grow exponentially! We’ve gotten to meet so many talented people and showcase their work, all within our first year.

Recently, I decided to further my collaboration efforts and began to work on my first huge release “Trying” with my buddy Mark (Disaiple). He was the first person to teach me the basics of producing (and is STILL teaching me things). This track was such a big deal for me because of how many firsts it was. First time collabing on a track, first time singing on a track that I wrote, first time making a future bass release. The track came out better than I could have expected and the support from the community is still blowing my mind.

Now, I’m excited to be releasing the stems for my new track to you guys! I’ll be putting together a remix album with some talent from the community. You can download the stems below. All submissions are due by SEPTEMBER 1ST. Please email your remixes as a private link to to be considered for the album! Expect for the album to come out around SEPTEMBER 30TH.


Collaboration is so important. From working on music with each other, to just spreading ideas, collaboration can bring the best out of everyone. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. That’s what we did with WhiteNoiize and now look! We’ve got our own little Village now!

To end off this post, I’m announcing my new release coming MONDAY, JULY 31ST. The track is entitled “Clowning Around”  and was actually a three-way collab between Houston locals (and previous WhiteNoiize guest artists) XWIRE & MAEL. Be on the lookout for this new track! As always, thank you for the support, and don’t forget to support each other!!!!



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