POST 113 – “Gradients” by KEROSCENE – Out Now

“Gradients is a track that is as reflective as it is cutting. While familiar musical elements are present throughout the track, heavy use of processing shines them in a light that almost seems foreign or bizarre. Vocals that were originally organic-sounding have been lifted to a new computerized locale while deep bass movements toss and turn in the low end. The title ‘Gradients’ is not so much a reference to the track as it was the mindset of the creator during its conception. While previously enamored with foley and ambiance, this track marks a change in the direction of KEROSCENE’s production. A darker, more brooding sound contrasts his prior work as a new beginning is on the horizon. – Keroscene”

Connect with The WhiteNoiize Collective
INSTAGRAM: @whitenoiize

SOUNDCLOUD: @keroscene1


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