POST 145 – Week #35 @ WhiteNoiize


We are off on another set of guest artists! This will actually be our LAST rotation of guest artists for the year. Next year we will have a few guests, but our release schedule is changing so they will not be featured with their own weeks. Because I’m feeling generous, I’ll go ahead and tell you the schedule! This week starting strong is a new release from Houston local Toast but you can view the full schedule below:

10/18 – Toast
10/25 – REZREKT
10/31 – Halloween LP
11/8 – BOREL
11/15 – VDKA

We hope you guys are excited as we are for these next few weeks! Now get ready for some Toast-y goodness.

Toast is an up and coming Bigroom and Bass House producer from Houston.Tx After his huge Bass house track “ENSVN3” Toast is back with another  Bigroom banger,  “Control”. This track is sure to control and fill any dance floor.

Connect with The WhiteNoiize Collective
INSTAGRAM: @whitenoiize

Connect with Toast

WNC-035 Toast – “Control” COMING WEDNESDAY 10.18.17



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