POST-025: Sample Libraries

 Each week, we leave Saturday open for a blog post about some of the things on our mind here at WhiteNoiize. This weeks post is about “Sample Libraries” by guest artist Joseph Crawford.

As producers, we all look for samples. Some of us like to use the KSHMR samples and some of us like to use samples that we just happen to stumble upon. Whatever the case may be, our library starts to build up after so long.

Being a producer isn’t just about the music, it’s also about efficiency. You want to move from one project to the next, efficiently as possible. Our music is what defines our brand and establishes a career for us, so we need to make sure we are hammering out our mixes as soon as one gets done.
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POST 022 – “Atrium” OUT NOW

The fifth release off of THE WHITENOIIZE COLLECTIVE is finally here. Snag that free download and read more below.

“Atrium is a mix that will take you on a musical journey into a different realm. With powerful, piercing synths and and a melody that will leave you wanting more, this track will be sure to take you on a roller coaster ride of adrenaline.”

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